Preparing the mind and bodies of young women over a six week course, teaching manicure techniques whilst discussing life issues and discovering the story of Esther.

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Cherish is all about forging relationships, therefore as part of our mission it is vital that we are known in the community as we ‘spread the word’. After talking at a women’s breakfast about Cherish it became evident that the ladies wanted to buy into Cherish and wanted to purchase some of our products. Not only does this spread the word of our mission, but gives people the opportunity to bless others while introducing Cherish to mothers, teachers, friends & family.

Our Moroccan Rose 30cl candle and Moroccan Rose Hand Cream are produced by a company called Heaven Scent who pride themselves in doing things naturally. Not only are their products kinder to us and the environment but their products are inspired by nature, using essential oils. Heaven Scent were also the first company to use a natural plant alternative to paraffin wax. The packaging and glass is also environmentally friendly and are obtained from a sustainable source.

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