Cherish Kit Box – 4 Participants




The Cherish Kit Box has been carefully configured to cater for both smaller groups of 4, and 8 girls. Each Kit Box contains all you need to run Cherish and bless the girls with their manicure boxes on week 6. The creams oils and base coats etc. can be used for training, stored in the Cherish Kit Box and then distributed amongst the girls manicure boxes on week 6. For the online Course the manicure boxes should be presented to the girls before their first session.

Due to its flammable nature, the only things not included in the Cherish Kit are the nail polishes which can be brought online or from the high-street for a reasonable price.


4 x Cherish Boxes Stickers for Box, Bottles and Cherish Journal covers 8 x 100ml Bottles 4 x 50g Pots (For Cuticle Cream) Shredded Wool (For inside the box’s) 4 x Manicure Bowls 4 x Cuticle Oil 1 2ml ml 4 x Cuticle Remover 50ml 4 x Base Coat 12ml, 4 x Top Coat 12ml 4 x Nail Polish Remover 125ml 4 x Emery Boards 4 x Cuticle Sticks Cotton Wool Balls 4 x Journals Antibacterial Hand Wash 250ml (fill each bottle with 60ml) 4 x Hand Lotion 500ml (fill each bottle with 60ml) Cuticle Cream 190g (divide into 4, 20g pots provided)


Cherish Ministry