Preparing the mind and bodies of young women over a six week course, teaching manicure techniques whilst discussing life issues and discovering the story of Esther.

Cherish Cross Hands@2x

We are only just beginning to see the impact that the pandemic has placed on mental health and how it is effecting teenagers specifically.

We are more concerned than ever about the well being of young girls and want to be able to reach out to as many girls as possible as soon as restrictions are lifted. Reports show that teenagers mental health has worsened substantially in 2020 and many are worried about the future, feeling stressed and anxious.

With services stretched by the economic impact, Cherish would like to give you the opportunity to sponsor a girl and offer a safe space where they can be listened to, feel cherished and restored to the person God created them to be, giving them hope for the future.

Please sponsor a girl today. For the price of £50 a young girl can benefit from our ministry, mentally and physically and know that they are ‘Fearfully & wonderfully made’ Psalm 139:14.